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Whiplash is the most common Auto Accident Injury

Whiplash was once called "Railroad Spine"

The first documented case was 1919

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Personal Injury Doctors

Find a Personal injury doctor immediately following your car accident. Lawyers can wait, your injury can not. A personal injury doctor can document your injury so you can get the settlement you deserve. 

See a Personal Injury Doctor FIRST

See the doctor first after you have been injured. Seeing a personal injury doctor gives you documentation so your lawyer can prove you were injured. Without the proper documentation you may not even have a personal injury case. a Car Accident can cause soft tissue type injuries. Soft tissue injuries are sometimes tough for a lawyer to prove without documentation from a Personal Injury Doctor" 

Gap in medical care or injury treatment?

A gap in medical care of treatment is a term that is widely used in the insurance industry. What this refers to is the time it takes you to see a doctor after a car accident. If you wait four weeks to see a personal injury doctor after your accident, you might not have a case. After your car accident, you need to see a personal injury doctor right away, don't wait. Waiting could prolong your recovery time. If you can get to a doctor right away he can determine the extent of your injury and start your recovery process right away.  

You could get FREE medical care at no cost to you after your car accident

Most personal injury doctor's work on what is called a medical lien. A medical lien basically means the injury doctor waits to get paid until your case settles. Some states have what is called Pip or personal injury protection. Pip, allows you to get medical care or treatment for your injury and pays what the insurance company deems as necessary Medical care.  

Med pay

Med pay is very similar to pip and is optional on your car insurance. Med pay will pay for medical care in the event of a car accident for you and anyone in your car up to the dollar amount that you specify. It might be wise to speak with your insurance agent to determine if med pay is right for you and your family. Personal injury doctor strongly advises you if to get med pay if you don't live in a mandatory pip state.  

I don't feel injured, ill wait to go see the injury doctor

Do not make the mistake of not going to see a personal injury doctor after your accident. Not going to see an accident doctor after you have been injured is a common mistake made by many people. Some people feel that they will be ok, or the pain will subside in a couple of days. Make sure to see a doctor immediately after your car accident so you can receive the medical treatment you deserve.  

The ER Dr. gave me some prescriptions and told me to do a follow up with my primary care

ER doctors are necessary to get you out of immediate life threatening injuries. Prescriptions help with the pain, but they do not heal the problem. The problem is the injury itself, if you do not have a broken bone, you have a soft tissue injury. Your primary care doctor may or may not prescribe Physical Therapy. If you are in pain you need some type of therapy to get you out of pain, not take pills.  

Find a Personal Injury Doctor today

If you have been hurt in a car wreck, find a personal injury doctor today by searching in our zip code database. Doctors who treat personal injuries are very good at what they do, they will document your injury so your lawyer can get the you the settlement you deserve. Without this documentation , your personal injury lawyer might have a difficult time proving your injury came from your car wreck. See a doctor who can diagnose, treat, and document your injury so your lawyer can get you the settlement you deserve. Find a doctor today by entering your zip code in our search function. If we do not have a doctor listed in your area, contact us immediately

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